A framework for categorizing and comparing cloud platforms - OpenStack, AWS, Heroku, CloudFoundry!

A framework that describes the various layers of cloud platform services starting from virtualized hardware up to end-user software applications »

Reach1to1 is one of 10 Most Promising Big Data Companies - CIO Review Magazine

Reach1to1, a Mumbai & Pittsburgh based big data solutions company has been selected as one of the 10 most promising Big Data Companies by CIO Review Magazine »

Polyglot Persistence Case Study - Big Data Architecture

At the big data innovation conference in Mumbai I spoke about how Polyglot Persistence - or using more than one database in a single application provides great benefits »

McKinsey: Big data one of top five catalysts for US economy growth

McKinsey predicts big data as one of five catalysts that can deliver a big boost to GDP led by retail, manufacturing, health care, and government services sectors »

Big data bringing Asimov's Psychohistory from fiction to reality

Psychohistory is the science of predicting the behavior of large groups of people using a statistical model using historical data. This is not fiction anymore... it is actually happening! »