Cycling to Dahanu and Tarapur Forts - a beach and history holiday!

Dahanu and Tarapur are coastal forts in picturesque locations at the northern end of the Maharashtra coast with pristine beaches along side - a great holiday! »

Cycling to Mumbra Devi Temple - in search of Parsik Fort

A nice cycling route to Mumbra Devi Temple located at the north end of the Parsik Hills range where I was hoping to find traces of an old fort - Parsik Fort »

Cycling to Bhaucha Dhakka or Ferry Wharf, Mazgaon

An early morning ride to Bhaucha Dhakka to see the sun rise out over the water, with the fishermen and their boats hard at work is a great way to start a Sunday »

Cycling to Dongri Fort - also called Dharavi Fort at Uttan

Dongri Fort, also called Dharavi Fort atop of Dongri hill is all but disappeared, but the ride up the hill and the 270 degree view of the sea is well worth it! »

Big data bringing Asimov's Psychohistory from fiction to reality

Psychohistory is the science of predicting the behavior of large groups of people using a statistical model using historical data. This is not fiction anymore... it is actually happening! »

Cycling Expedition to Elephanta Island

Elephanta Caves is one of the well known tourist destinations around Mumbai. I took my mountain bike there. There is a wonderful route that circles the island along the shore and at the end, climbs up »