Characteristics of Evolving Enterprises

Business Mar 20, 2006

Vivek Ranadive, the CEO of TIBCO – a highly acclaimed enterprise software company, has written a new book The Power to Predict: How Real Time Businesses Anticipate Customer Needs, Create Opportunities, and Beat the Competition. If we’re to go by his previous book The Power of Now, its a sure best seller!

A review of the book by Dennis Howlett says:

Essentially the book is a collection of stories covering a broad spectrum of industries and their efforts to see the next thing that is likely to impact their business, take corrective action or seize opportunity. It includes companies like Pirelli, casino giant Harrah’s, Spanish ex-pat bank Solbank, FedEX, Southwest Airlines,, E&J Gallo Winery, Essent Energie. I wish they could have talked about a host of others I came across but am not allowed to mention. Believe me when I say TIBCO has a customer list to die for. More important are the characteristics these companies share:

  • Customer-driven – not focused but driven
  • Embrace cultural change – they don’t fight change
  • Management by exception – the routine stuff is assumed to be taken care of
  • Innovation – they don’t shy away from change
  • Merit-based alliances – there’s no entitlement in a relationship
  • Meritocratic and entrepreneurial – no consensus here
  • Leaders provide opportunity – organizing staff to empower themselves
  • Short planning cycles – event driven and highly responsive to market conditions

These are all characteristics I believe the modern professional practice should aspire to if it is to be super successful.

… an ideal set of characteristics that we would like to attribute to our favorite term Evolving Enterprises. Some of the visionary clients that we have the privilege of working with, like APW President constantly exhibit these very qualities, and continue to prosper in the face of ever changing market conditions. We salute their vision!

Waiting to get hold of the book…


Ashutosh Bijoor

Adventurer, cyclist, musician, mathematician, data architect

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