Cycle ride to Aksa beach

animals Dec 29, 2012

Aksa beach is located along the mangroves near Malad. The entire mangroves stretch from Versova to Malad is only accessible via a ferry that you can cross over at Versova jetty to reach Madh.

For a longer route, one can continue further from Marve by taking a ferry across to Manori and then cycle via Gorai to Uttan. One of the favourite cycling routes for the city!

boats-at-madh-island-jetty_8320472317_o We crossed over from Versova to Madh on the ferry

Then we rode from Madh towards Aksa beach along this road that runs along the coast

arrving-at-aksa-beach_8321526524_o1_kh9wht We arrived at Aksa beach at the crack of dawn

the-cycles-on-aksa-beach_8320466887_o We parked our cycles on the beach and went for a walk to enjoy the sand

crows-and-dogs-at-aksa-beach_8320471245_o We saw this horde of crows feeding on leftover fish from the morning's catch by the local fishermen

dog-at-aksa-beach_8321527986_o A smart dog watched us, wondering if we will feed him

magical-clouds-at-aksa-beach_8320470625_o The sun started painting the clouds with its morning glow

rider-on-aksa-beach_8320467469_o We rode our cycles along the beach, feeling the cool sea breeze

riding-on-aksa-beach_8320464127_o I'm so lucky to have kids who enjoy the outdoors! That's Shimul, my daughter.

riding-on-aksa-beach_8320468023_o_ugkzvj And that's Rohan, my son!

riding-on-aksa-beach_8321531456_o We rode along the beach for a while and then headed back from Marve back to Andheri

Here is the route map:


Ashutosh Bijoor

Adventurer, cyclist, musician, mathematician, data architect

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