Cycle ride to Gorai

Adventure Dec 30, 2012

Gorai is located on the west coast of Mumbai, along the long stretch of mangroves that extend from Uttan in the north down to Versova. It is a great place to cycle.

Ferry ride from Gorai to Borivali
To get there, we took a ferry ride across Gorai creek

Cycling towards Gorai jetty
Then we rode along this beautiful road with mangroves on either side to reach Gorai beach

Dawn at Gorai Beach
We reached the beach just as the sun started rising over to the east, casting its golden reflection in the water on the beach

Breakfast on Gorai Beach
We had breakfast of scrambled eggs with lots of oil and pav at this stall put up by a villager

Dog on Gorai Beach
Gorai beach is frequented by vehicles due to its wide expanse. They leave their tire marks all over the beach

Gorai to Manori
We then rode from Gorai towards Manori jetty

Gorai to Manori The road is beautiful, and goes through the quaint Gorai village and then winds along the coast towards Manori

Manori Jetty At Manori jetty, we waited for the ferry to arrive and take us back to civilization

Some day, I want to ride all the way from Uttan down to Versova along the mangroves

Update : I did manage to do the ride from Uttan to Versova!


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