NimbleTV Beta Released - a revolution in Television!

Big Data Apr 23, 2012

As part of the NimbleTV development team, we are proud to see the beta version go live!

NimbleTV will truly revolutionize television watching!

As per the NY Times review:

NimbleTV is the latest example of technology companies trying to break into the closed system of television distribution in the United States. As Americans buy more smartphones and tablet computers, cable and satellite distributors are under pressure to provide TV access on more screens, and entrepreneurs are — depending on one’s view — either helping to provide it, or forcing it to happen on their own terms.

Large companies like Apple and Google have taken steps to enter the television distribution business.. So have start-ups like NimbleTV, which is backed by the venture capital firms Greycroft Partners and Tribeca Venture Partners and by the Tribune Company, the owner of 23 TV stations.

“We’ve all heard about TV Everywhere for a long time. One of the questions that’s bothered me is, why is it not here yet?” said Anand Subramanian, the chief executive of NimbleTV, during a preview of the service at Greycroft’s Midtown Manhattan office last week.

Way to go NimbleTV, and thanks for allowing us to participate in this exciting adventure!


Ashutosh Bijoor

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