Trek to Kohoj Fort

Trekking Oct 7, 2012

Kohoj fort is located near Manor, on the Mumbai Ahmedabad highway NH8. It provides a nice weekend trekking destination, being a medium grade trek. The fort itself does not have too many man-made features. One distinct feature is a rampart that is now weather-worn into a shape that resembles a man’s torso with a head.

Three of us – myself, Sameer and Bhavik set off on our Bullets early in the morning on 7th October 2012. The early morning ride down Western Express Highway was a great experience, except for a few patches of bad road near the Dahisar toll point. At Manor, we stopped for a quick breakfast of idlis, and then turned off the highway towards Wada.

Kohoj Fort 1
The village at the base is Waghote, with a few houses just a few meters away from the highway. We parked our bikes outside one of the houses, and convinced a teenage boy named Nitesh to guide us to the fort in exchange for some pocket money.

Kohoj Fort 12 The first lake we passed was a small heart shaped lake called Narayan Lake

Kohoj Fort 2
The walk from there on was through lush green paddy fields, till we reached the base of the hills

Kohoj Fort 3
The initial climb was moderate, reminding me of the climb up Ratangad. But this was a much longer climb in terms of distance.

Kohoj Fort 4
The next lake we passed was the bigger Shelte lake close to the base, where we found a sadhu sitting on a broken boat, enjoying the serene lake view. Funnily, even this lake is heart shaped!

Kohoj Fort 16
Another broken boat without a Sadhu

Kohoj Fort 7
The real climb started after the lake. Bhavik was doing a trek after a long break and he really bore the brunt of the distance on the way up

Kohoj Fort 6
After the initial climb, we reached an idyllic meadow with tall green grass all over, and a small temple populated by a lone dog sitting on one side of it

Kohoj Fort 24 The view from the top is amazing

Kohoj Fort 14 The rock formation at the top looks like a meditating priest from one direction

Kohoj Fort 22
We passed a small Hanuman temple while climbing towards the rock formation

Kohoj Fort 8 Up close, looks more like a man standing with hands on hips

Kohoj Fort 28 A makeshift temple in a nook in the bastion

Kohoj Fort 30 We enjoyed the view from the top for a while. We could see the Shelte lake down below. We ate some snacks before making our way down

Kohoj Fort 13 One the way down, noticed these mushrooms growing on a log

Kohoj Fort 10 A crab looked at us curiously from under a rock

Kohoj Fort 9 Thanks to the monsoon, there were wild flowers blooming everywhere. Would have been even better a few months back when it was raining.

We reached down tired but quite pleased with ourselves.

Kohoj Fort 32
We then rode back to Mumbai uneventfully, with a final stop for kheema pav at Mira Road, before we raced on the Western Express Highway back home.

What a great way to celebrate my birthday!


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