Inktober 2023 - Experiments with a fountain pen

Sketches Oct 22, 2023

Having to use the laptop and mobile phone for everything has made my ability to write with a pen completely redundant. I am unable to even get my signature right! It is time to take action! What better time than October 2023, when I turn 60, and it is Inktober 2023!

Here are my amateur sketches done so far...

Visited Goes for a customer workshop, and fell in love with the quaint streets of the small town!

To celebrate my birthday and to cheer Sharmila for her Chicago marathon, our decentralized family met in Chicago, and we got a fabulous view of the shore from the Billhorns' high rise apartment.

After Chicago, we visited the Mayekars in St Louis and Anup was gracious enough to take time out from his working days and take us around to see the city attractions.

Next stop, San Francisco, to visit Shimul's work city and to enjoy a beautiful day walking around the city.

We stayed at a cute tiny cottage in Berkeley, just a few blocks from Shimul, and spent a day walking around down town Berkeley and through the campus.

The last stop of the famiily holiday was a visit to Yosemite, with hikes to enjoy the stunning rocky mountains!


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