Biking to Bordi = Bullets + Beach + Boys

bike ride Feb 3, 2013

We started a discussion on FB to plan a biking trip around Dahanu and Bordi, and ended up with 4 bikers with their respective Royal Enfield Bullets.

We all met at Dahisar Check Naka at 7 am, and then rode along the National Highway 8 (NH8) till Charoti junction for the turn-off to Dahanu. Then followed the state highway (actually just village roads) till will we reached Dahanu around 9 am.

At Dahanu, we had a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and omelettes, then headed out to see Dahanu Fort.

The fort itself was quite a let down, as it is now completely infested with governmental offices that have ingested all the interior area of the fort as well as all the fort walls. So visitors can barely see anything in the fort. There is no effort towards conservation, but thankfully one can at least see some of the ramparts from the outside.

Behind the fort is the Dahanu creek, where there are fishing boats shored up after the morning’s fishing is done. We admired the boats for a while.

We then headed north through the village. The route follows the coast all the way till Bordi. The coastal road is an excellent route to ride or cycle. We must do the same route again on cycles once! We reached Bordi and spent some time on the beach. The beach is really long, and in the tide recedes for miles to leave a broad and clean beach free for fun and frolic.

We rode a bit on the beach just to enjoy the feeling of riding on the sand, and then left to go further north towards Umbargaon. On the way to Umbargaon from Bordi, we saw the local weekend market with colourful ware on sale by local merchants and villagers.

We stopped at Umbargaon for lunch of Gurarati thali – great food, and really cheap.

After fuelling ourselves, it was time to head back. We followed the village roads till we reached the highway again, and then cruised along the highway till Ganeshpuri, where we took a break for hot tea before continuing the balance of our journey back to Mumbai.

See a compiled video of the ride below:

Thanks to the excellent weather and great company, we had a blast! Looking forward to doing this route again, preferably on cycle next time!


Ashutosh Bijoor

Adventurer, mathematician, software architect, cyclist, musician, aspiring wood worker