Veloraid 2013 - Amateur cycling race - Mumbai, Thane

Adventure Sep 2, 2013

Twelve teams of 6 cyclists each – all amateurs – participated in a race with a beautiful route with a total distance of 180 km. Starting from Thane, the route goes along the Mumbai Nashik highway till Atgaon, then branches left towards Tansa lake, circles around the lake and comes back on the highway to head back to Thane. The rules were designed to ensure that each team sticks together and the timing of the 5th member is taken as the team time. All the teams did very well in spite of not being regular cyclists. The winning team was the Bikesharks team with a timing of 7:50 hrs, followed by the Nashik Cyclists with a timing of 8:14 hrs and closely followed by the Bhajiwala Cyclists at 8:24 hrs. Almost all the teams completed the race successfully. Amazing sportsmanship, and all the credit for the flawless organization goes to Haybren Adventures and its promoter Jose George, an avid cyclist himself.

Background music courtesy: Kaya Project – The Flow (Digitalis Remix)


Ashutosh Bijoor

Adventurer, mathematician, software architect, cyclist, musician, aspiring wood worker