OxFam Trailwalker - Walking Souls - our 100 km walkathon!

Adventure Oct 20, 2013

I am thrilled to be part of the “Walking Souls” team of four, and we are participating in this 100 km walktathon organized by OxFam India. To be able to qualify for the participation, we need to raise at least 50,000 INR by 8th November, 2013. I humbly request you to contribute whatever amount you can towards this noble cause, and enable us to participate in this race!

Please Donate for of our team!

Our team members profiles are listed here below for your convenience:

Swati Chemburkar

Swati Chemburkar Swati Chemburkar is an architectural historian, focusing on Southeast Asia, with Cambodia and Indonesia as her key areas of interest. She is Director of the ‘Art and Architecture of Southeast Asia’ course at Jnanapravaha Mumbai and a lecturer on the Southeast Asian diploma course at SOAS. She writes and lectures on that subject matter at different forums.

Besides that she is an avid reader, traveler and loves cooking gourmet fare for close friends and family

Gautam Chemburkar

Gautam Chemburkar Gautam is a consultant fortunate to have dabbled in areas such as capital markets, acquisitions and sales & marketing. Walking is a year-old hobby that he has gotten seriously hooked on to.

A self professed foodie, he lives to eat and is willing to travel any distance for good food!

Sharmila Bijoor

Sharmila Bijoor Sharmila is a media professional with a streak of adventure, well represented by her participation in “Who Dares Wins” where she dared to drive a car off a ramp!

Her latest passion is running and she has participated in the Mumbai marathon for the last few years and is participating in the TCS Amsterdam marathon this year!

Ashutosh Bijoor

Ashutosh Bijoor Ashutosh, also referred to as “Big Data Bijoor” is a technology geek by profession and is also an amatuer musician. His latest passion is cycling and has cycled to various historical sites in and around Mumbai and documents his expeditions on this blog!

Please Donate for our team!


Ashutosh Bijoor

Adventurer, mathematician, software architect, cyclist, musician, aspiring wood worker