Review of Women's Skechers Gorun 2 by Shimul Bijoor

Adventure Dec 5, 2013

Shimul Bijoor, my daughter is a middle distance runner specializing in 200 and 400 meters. She was invited by Skechers to try out and review their new running shoes. Excited by the idea of getting a free pair of shoes to try out, she went ahead and attended their presentation and got back a pair of shiny new running shoes.

Here is the review she wrote after two weeks of trying them out:

Anyone looking for a new pair of running shoes? I suggest you give the Skechers GoRun 2 shoes a shot!
A while ago, I was given the chance to try out the Skechers GoRun2 performance shoes. After over two weeks of running in them every day, I’m pretty impressed. They are super lightweight, extremely flexible, and fit like a sock. I use the ‘Custom Fit’ insoles for a more snug fit. I’d never worn a minimal shoe like this before, so I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried them on. The ‘Mid-foot strike’ enhancing soles took a little getting used to, but eventually worked great on improving my running style. They definitely help in changing your injury-inducing heel-strike to the ideal mid-foot strike.
Weighing merely 5 ounces, these shoes are super comfortable and great for track running as well. I’ve used them on a synthetic athletics track twice so far, and they were really good. Speed workouts are so much better in these ultra light shoes.
With such a snug fit, I expected it to feel a little cramped after a while. But the breathable mesh and flexibility around the toes makes it feel much roomier. It moulds to the shape of my foot and eliminates any sliding or shifting inside the shoe. The soles are great too. Very shock absorbent, and have a good grip. Although it did seem a little uncomfortable on uneven surfaces and groves on the soles got a few pebbles stuck in them.
But I really noticed the remarkable difference when I wore my regular shoes after a week of running in the Skechers. My usual running shoes seemed so much heavier and annoyingly roomy. I also missed the soft soles and super coziness of the GoRuns. So I’m pretty sure I will stick to the Skechers henceforth.
A couple of other athletes I train with also tried the shoes, and described them as the most ‘sleek’ shoes they’ve worn. So I’d definitely recommend the Skechers GoRun2 running shoes to anyone looking for a minimalist shoe! Huge thumbs up to them!

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