Two cycles and three ferries - the mangroves ride - Gorai, Mumbai

Cycling Nov 13, 2017

Mumbai island is adorned with a stretch of beautiful mangroves along its coast. The mangroves on the west coast are separated from the mainland by a broad creek that keeps the congestion of vehicles away. This is a perfect cycling route for a short morning ride!

Route Map

The wider Gorai creek and the smaller Versova creek can be seen in this map. We crossed the Gorai creek at Gorai jetty, then cycled to Gorai beach and further to Gorai Sunrise Point. The second ferry ride is crossing the same creek back from Manori to Marve. Then rode along the Madh coast to Madh Fort, then took the third ferry ride across Versova creek.

Ride Along Video

The video traces our journey along the route. I was accompanied by Piyush Shah, fellow Brompton rider and accomplice for the Graves to Glory ride. We were also happy to meet several other cyclists along the way, and as usual, the Brompton never fails to draw attention and curiosity. Of course, the first question is "How much does it cost?" followed by "How does it fold?"

Here is the actual route:

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