Leopard in Andheri East, Mumbai

Animals Dec 10, 2017

A leopard ventured out of the National Park into a busy residential area in Andheri East, Mumbai. Despite being a few kilometers away from the edge of the forest of the National Park, it managed to negotiate through the streets in the middle of the night and ended up in the outhouse of a Nursery School called Junior Crafting, that is located just opposite our home. Our small quiet Garden Lane was suddenly a happening place for the day!

The Mumbai police and fire brigade were the first to arrive, followed by the Rapid Rescue Team of the forest department. Garden Lane residents all came together to help. They cleared all the vehicles to allow the fire brigade and rescue vehicles unhindered access. They arranged for food and drinks for all the officials. It was a great social event and neighbors put their minor differences aside to come together in a community!

After hours of struggle, they finally managed to tranquilize the leopard and take it away safely.

Here is a short clip of all the excitement! These are clips taken by various residents of Garden Lane edited together.


Ashutosh Bijoor

Adventurer, mathematician, software architect, cyclist, musician, aspiring wood worker