Cycling and Trek to Nandgaon, Panvel

Cycling Sep 3, 2018

A ride to Panvel from Andheri is a great route to do about 100 kms with reasonably good road conditions, unless you choose to deviate from the main highways - and that's what I like to do!

Video Summary

Route Map

Total Distance:104.4 kms
Total Riding Time:6 hours 20 minutes
Trek Hill Altitude:153 mts
Trek Duration:1 hour

Ride Details

I started my ride early Sunday morning without a specific destination, generally riding towards Panvel.

The morning air was crisp and cool, with just a hint of rain - perfect weather for a long ride!

I rode via Airoli and took a detour from Thane Belapur road at Nerul towards Belapur.

At Ulwe, I took another detour on the Dapoli Targarh road. Initially the road surface was quite good and I was hoping for a great ride through beautiful countryside

But I was horrified to see that after I reached the hills, the road surface had been butchered by these giant earth moving machines that were carving out the entire hillside and leaving gaping wounds in it

As I reached closer to Panvel, the bike and me, both were completely coated in mud - the blood of the mountains :( - I requested a boy who had a water spray to wash us both

At Panvel, I headed to my favorite place - Shree Datta Snacks - to enjoy freshly made Sabudana Khichdi and buttermilk

From Panvel, I rode along the JNPT road back towards Belapur. On the way, I noticed a beautiful unspoilt hillside nestling a small village called Nandgaon.

I rode into the village, not knowing what I would find. After a few conversations with the cowherd who was tending to his buffalo, I came to know of a temple on the hill that the villagers had built. He advised me to climb up to see it.

I pushed my bike up the slope till about half way up the hill, then parked it hidden in some bushes and trekked the rest of the way up

Once I reached the top, I got a breathtaking view of Panvel, and the JNPT road down below, seemingly with toy cars and trucks plying on it

I spent some time near the temple, enjoying the rain and the beautiful views - alone and peaceful with Sai Baba watching over me.

I trekked back downhill to where I had parked the bike. All around me, there were wild flowers of all colors and shapes!

A short but thrilling downhill ride got me back to the village of Nandgaon.

I took a break at the side of a pond and saw the reflections of the palm trees while resting

I rode back on JNPT road and then towards the Mumbai-Pune highway at Kamothe. From Kamothe I rode along the highway back to the Thane Belapur road and then back home


Ashutosh Bijoor

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