Cycling to Madh Island

Cycling Mar 26, 2019

After a hectic month of March with the Accion Innovation Summit successfully completed, I used the brief respite to catch a few short rides. One ride this morning was to Madh island via Versova.

After cycling from Andheri to Versova, crossed over to Madh and headed straight to Madh beach to greet the rising sun

No crowds at this time of the day, so this bench looked like a perfect place to enjoy the cool morning breeze

There were flowers everywhere - especially boldly blooming bougainvillea - though this bush seems to be the Chinese lantern creeper (Thanks Gayatri Rao) growing wild in the mangrove bushes

At Marve beach, the fishing boats were already moored after the morning's catch was done. My bicycle was dwarfed by the boats hull

The smaller boats were anchored just off the shore and seemed happy to be resting after a hectic morning

Back at Madh jetty, I waited for the ferry across to Versova and back to the smoggy city :/

My co-passengers showed a mixed reaction to my odd looking vehicle - some asked the inevitable question "How much does it cost?" while others like this lady couldn't care less, evidently from her yawn :)

Here is the route map:


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