Cycling to Vihar Lake

morning ride Mar 27, 2019

Despite having lived very close to Vihar Lake for over 50 years now, I did not know that there was a way to get so close to it. There is a park maintained by the BMC that provides a beautiful view of the lake. I was glad to have discovered it on today morning's ride.

Vihar is the oldest of the water supplying lakes. It is a catchment area on the Mithi River, held together by a dam that was constructed between 1856 and 1860, during the governorship of John Lord Elphinstone ([ref]( The lake and its catchment are protected by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Sanjay Gandhi National Park Authority.

There is a nice park around the dam, and there are spots to sit and enjoy the fabulous view of the lake. The park is such a beautiful location... on one hand I am so glad to have discovered it... on the other, regretting that I did not find it earlier!

The caretaker was sweeping up the dried leaves and burning them in a corner... the smoke and light show was just fabulous!

The living quarters was lit by the slanted rays of the sun and cast a beautiful glow

Who can resist the temptation of sweet coconut water after a nice morning ride!

And here is the route to visit the place:


Ashutosh Bijoor

Adventurer, cyclist, musician, mathematician, data architect

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