Timbaktu - an inspiring social and environmental endeavour

Sustainability Nov 14, 2012

When a small farming community in South India decided to switch from their decades-old practice of chemical agriculture to organic farming, little did they know that they were planting the seeds of a silent revolution. By showcasing the exemplary efforts of farmers of a tiny village in Andhra Pradesh, Timbaktu explores critical issues of food security and sovereignty. At its heart, Timbaktu looks at the relationship that a farmer shares with her land, her seeds and raises critical questions about food, the very essence of human life

An amazing film about an amazing project. Truly inspiring journey of a group of people who started off with barren land that was murdered by chemical farming and transformed it into a green haven that sustains the local farmers and makes their farming commercially viable

For more details, please visit The Timbaktu Collective


Ashutosh Bijoor

Adventurer, mathematician, software architect, cyclist, musician, aspiring wood worker